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[DRAFT] 🤖 Forgejo integration with GPT Create pull requests to resolve reported issues Leave feedback on submitted pull request

Updated 5 days ago

[DRAFT] 💬 Interact with GPT via Matrix

Updated 1 week ago

[DRAFT] 🌎 Interact with GPT via ActivityPub

Updated 1 week ago

Updated 6 months ago

[DRAFT] 📻 online radio station ran by team of LLM based agents

Updated 4 days ago

LlamaIndex (GPT Index) is a project that provides a central interface to connect your LLM's with external data.

Updated 22 hours ago

A library of data loaders for LLMs made by the community -- to be used with GPT Index and/or LangChain

Updated 23 hours ago

🚘 mobile web dash cam enhanced by object detection + LLM

Updated 6 days ago

gpt4all: a chatbot trained on a massive collection of clean assistant data including code, stories and dialogue

Updated 8 hours ago

Adding guardrails to large language models.

Updated 12 hours ago